we are the nightmare blunt rotation, welcome to our page

we are an autistic plural system with osdd + cptsd, we have this site because we're sick of corporate, sterile user interfaces with no customisation options, and because we're sick of being constantly exposed to content designed to provoke negative emotions so we kinda just wanna carve out our own space on the net. (of course this is a work in progress) we are teaching ourselves to code with htmldog

our portraits were made using the nellseto picrew

from left to right, we are;

this is a non exhaustive list, this is just our main members of our system. many of us are therians, otherkin, fictionkin etc. some are age regressors or pet regressors, or have things like alter egos/drag personas, or kink roles which are not alters with their own consciousness but feel distinct. some alters have fictional character soulbonds which are specific to them. identity is weird and nebulous and we dont like to put numbers on our system or create a sense of shame with regards to alter count

we were born in 1995 (physically 27 as of making this page), we are white and able bodied, we are neurodivergent trauma survivors, we collectively identify as transneutral, abrosexual, and genderfluid.

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